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As your pool area ages and our Island encounters storms (resulting in shifting sand) your pool or pool deck may begin to experience one or more of the following issues. It is best to address these issues when you see them rather than delaying repair. As time goes by, these issues will become more severe (and costly) to repair. Some issues you may notice are:

  • SPIDER CRACKS: thin cracks which can be a couple inches to several feet long
  • THICK OR DEEP CRACKS: cracks from 1⁄4” to several inches thick
  • POOL EDGE SEPARATION: edge of pool deck visibly separating from pool
  • TOE STUMPERS: Unleveled decks can cause guests to stumble, trip or fall and this liability needs to be repaired as soon as possible (or at least marked).


Before - Toe Stumpers

Before - Cracks

Before - Cracks




When your Koolcrete™ deck covering begins to chip off, have us take a look at it to determine if action is required or if it is safe to delay repair. After a few years, your deck covering will most likely require maintenance. If repairs to the deck are ignored, it could result in delamination. Delamination is where the texture underneath the Koolcrete deck covering no longer adheres to the concrete. By addressing issues early (like paint chipping or peeling) you will be able to avoid delamination and its costly repair.





Your concrete pool & in-ground spa combination may be showing cracks along the edge of the spa or running through the sides and bottom of the spa. Steve's experience as a builder provides him with the knowledge and skill to rectify the complex combination of issues causing this type of problem. If you see signs of cracks developing around your in-ground spa or the spa foundation is beginning to sag, it is time to contact us to inspect.





Missing or damaged tile can make your pool appear neglected. Replacing damaged or missing tile makes your pool fresh and inviting to guests. We keep the most popular pool tile colors on-hand and can replace your missing or damaged tile at a reasonable price.

Missing Tile - Before

Missing Tile - After

Roots - Before

Tree Roots busting through tile

Root Issue Addressed & New Subway Tile Added



Change pool deck BEFORE shows yellow tile, severe cracks and pool edge separation from deck. The final photos show these issues repaired, texture added and a Koolcrete deck covering instead of yellow tile.
The final deck renovation depicts a pool deck renovation after the pool was re-marsited. The BEFORE pictures show an empty pool with a dingy yellowish pool deck. The waterfall was not usable because it emptied the pool (leak originated from waterfall). Spider cracks were repaired along with the waterfall, texture added to the repair to concrete at the waterfall plumbing and the deck was finalized with Koolcrete deck covering giving it a fresh new look.


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